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What Rules?

The world would be a better place if everyone was just themselves.

What does it mean to be yourself? Being human is complicated and full of a lot of imaginary rules. From the time we’re born to the day we die, we strive to know ourselves more authentically and discover the direction our compass points. There are many layers to this, but the truth is that being your true self is easier said than done. It’s also wildly confusing.

Humans struggle.

Social media is a mirror that shows this struggle most honestly. Our shiny new platforms have the ability to show our differences most brightly, but also have taught us that fitting in can be more beneficial socially and statistically speaking.

Everything has changed and nothing has changed.

While traditional social norms often have prevented humans from discovering their authentic self, social media has also distilled fear in the hearts and minds of users with the creation of likes, mentions and the trolls.

Brands struggle.

In workshops and in developing brand personas clients advocate that their culture should be authentic. However when creating a personality, a brand is not programmed to be authentic, it’s a result of a meaningful brand.

And the big surprise is when brands discover the path to being real, just like humans, it’s fucking scary.

Fear of not fitting in.

The fear of not fitting in and the caution to “play it safe” is a common theme. As humans we are conditioned to believe we will not be accepted socially for being different and brands fear their wallets will dry up for being different than the successful brands they admire. However, this is very counterintuitive for both brands and humans.

Authenticity costs less marketing capital to create distinction, humans are healthier and happy when we don’t pretend to be something we’re not.

The answer is vulnerability.

The secret to genuineness is being vulnerable and fearless about what others may say or think. We must learn to embrace what makes us special, but fully accept our imperfections even if it opens the door to the haters. We must be brave enough to meet the challenge. Because nothing is more fake than perfection and ego and nothing more freeing than owning who you are.

To build meaningful brands we work hard to understand humans more intimately with compassion and understanding. We believe an agency should celebrate all people to better meet their needs, desires, and fears. And humans could do a better job of that too.

Quit pretending to be someone you’re not.
Be you.
Quit trying to be the next Apple.
Be you.

You’re not alone.

It’s easy to talk a lot of shit about other people and brands not being authentic, but if we are being honest we are guilty as charged. So who are we? We’re afraid just like you.

We fear our creative team isn’t big enough.

For years we felt inferior to the larger agencies and their armies of creatives.We took great lengths to bury how small we were. We lacked confidence in who we were and projected that in our messaging for way too long.

We’re a young small agency that colors outside the lines.

And accepting who you are, feels super good. No matter who you are or who you want to be, brand or human, we believe in you. There are no rules, be fearless, be vulnerable and be you.

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