Our Brand

We tell stories for brands. So if you don't want to read this, it's ok. We’d rather talk about you.

In the beginning...

As kids, we stayed up late playing with photoshop and missed all the cool parties. We skipped our homework to read about Milton Glaser. When our friends saw a neighborhood pizza parlor, we saw a bad logo. Not too much has changed today.

Made up of thinkers, doers, and makers.

We constantly adapt to stay one step ahead of the moving target. And this year we mustered up the courage to move the needle and rethink everything. We couldn't find the agency we wanted to be, so we went ahead and created something new.

  • Strategic

    We use design thinking to capitalize on business opportunities and to meet measurable objectives with an authentic perspective.

  • Friends

    Very often, projects end with sharing a coffee or beer with our clients. Because… we should celebrate when we get it right. Don’t you think?

  • Risk Takers

    We take creative risks that make you think. And thought gives way to big ideas. And big ideas springboard brands to do more of what they love.

Sean Baldwin

Founder & Creative Director

I can create something out of nothing and inspire brands to act boldly. My job is one of creation and strategy - nurture and challenge. I can foster growth in both art and in you.

  • Favorite Film
    Pump Up The Volume
  • Favorite Typeface
    Whatever Stevie thinks is best!
  • Favorite Storyteller
    Joaquin Phoenix
  • Number of Tattoos
    I've lost track!
  • Things I dislike
  • Favorite Record
    Elliot Smith Either/Or

Stevie LeValley

art director

Let's face it – I'm a dork. I silently analyze, or let's be honest, judge, every layout and design I see. I'm always asking myself how I would have solved that design problem and how to make it stronger.

  • Favorite Book
    Being & Time
  • Favorite Typeface
    Neue Haas Unica
  • Favorite Storyteller
    Stanley Kubrick
  • Number of Tattoos
    Goose Egg
  • Things I Dislike
    I’ve lost track!
  • Favorite Record
    The one I'm going to write.

...With many more tentacles that stretch around the world.

a global wide team of talent when needed

We create an environment where people can do the best work of their careers. But the best talent for a particular strategy doesn’t always come local. So we’ve developed a large network of talent from Denver Metro and around the globe: including photographers, motion designers, developers and copywriters. They love what they do and they love a challenge as much as they love to show off their work.

We’re pretty great & all

But enough about us...

The only thing better at doing what you love is listenting to others talk about doing what they love. We’re your brand thearpists.