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Faux Logo

Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

As a teenager, film was a big part of my life and soon after graduation I attended film school thinking I was born to be the next Tarantino. However, once I arrived at film school I found it was more of a place for fans of film and less of a place for artists. But I stayed enrolled and bit my tongue enough to lose taste over the years.

Show me the money!

And one day while sitting in class at the end of my junior year, a well respected professor who had worked on blockbusters in Hollywood, advised a freshman student — in the middle of class — that he was ready for the bright lights and explained he should move to Los Angeles and start his career.

While I was angered that I had given the school my wallet, it made sense that in commercial art people don’t hire you for a piece of paper, they hire you for what you’ve created. So the next year I dropped out and changed direction, but never lost my love for film.

You had me at hello.

Time warp to present day and ten years of owning a creative agency, I found myself tuned in to logos in film that don’t exist in the real world. Since I’ve become aware, I sometimes drift from the story and like a Where’s Waldo book, my eyes scan the screen for small fake marks on soda cans.

You know see them all the time – fake logos in movies. Think of the Ghostbuster’s logo. The Ghostbuster’s are a company after all and every company needs a logo right? The list goes one: Stark Industries from the Marvel Cinematic universe; Pizza Planet from Toy Story; Weyland Industries from the Alien Franchise – all of these faux companies need faux logos.

While entertaining, I feel bad for designers who never receive recognition for some pretty great logos. Which got us thinking…

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Regardless whether good or bad, why not celebrate faux logos! We’ll… that’s exactly what we did — we created a space for film enthusiasts and designers to appreciate and share these hidden gems.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a WonderCrate project called Faux Logo and encourage you to submit your own finds. And don’t forget to drop out of film school kids. 🙂



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