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  1. 01 | 03 - The roadmap

    Brand Discovery

    We thoughtfully research a brand's future and past along with current market research to find what we don't know. With insight, we discover hidden potential that allows brands to grow.

    including but not limited to:
    • Brand Audit
    • Brand Research
  2. 02 | 03 - The Journey

    Brand Strategy

    We develop a creative and actionable plan that builds on goals and measures success. Everything we do is designed to convey a specific impression that communicates the brand’s message so we can grow opportunities.

    including but not limited to:
    • Purpose, Beliefs, Perception
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Attributes
    • Brand Archetypes
    • Customer Personas
  3. 03 | 03 - The vacation

    Brand Identity

    The way a brand walks, talks and looks employs verbal and visual elements and messages built for the attention economy. Brand identity is a vessel that articulates your stance and increases brand clarity.

    including but not limited to:
    • Logo Design
    • Messaging
    • Naming
    • Advertising
    • Packaging Design
    • Stationery
    • Tagline
    • Identity System
    • Website
  1. Gather
  2. Explore
  3. Create
  4. Deliver
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