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A Lightbulb Moment

Hello & Welcome

My name is Sean and I’m the founder of WonderCrate. If you could see me I would be waving hello. We’re a collection of designers and developers devoted to the art of branding. We’re driven fiercely to create visually noteworthy designs and have a lot fun while we’re at it.

Yes, fun, I said it.

If you’re reading our first short story, I’ll use omniscient magic powers and guess that your brand or website has a problem. Or maybe you’re a breed of entrepreneur that knows branding comes first. Regardless, chances are your brand needs work and you clicked the right link.

Good job Google, the internet works!

Now that you’re here, let’s set some simple ground rules. Designing for your brand or website is going to be a lightbulb moment, and through this process we’re going to challenge and test your comfort zones. Change can be exciting and our creative ideas are always about results.

Why you’ll really love us.

We work hard obsessing over design and enjoy staying up past midnight to get a logo just right. ‘Fortune favors bold’ is a motto we live by. Like a method actor we immerse ourselves in each and every project and work for and alongside your brand to help guide and grow your business. Building friendships and trust is a major component to our process. This alone is going to make bring more value to each project’s outcome and success.

This alone is going to make bring more value to the projects’ outcome and success.

We are going to challenge you.
We are going to work tirelessly for you.
We are going to make you better.

Designers who have your business’ best interests in mind
at all times.

Clients usually hire us because they love our work, it can be that simple. And over a long time we realized something interesting. The most revered work were always projects that the clients had given us the most freedom.

This actually makes a lot of sense. The wrong design revisions from a client with good intentions can have a Frankenstein effect. Not that there aren’t revisions, internally our agency will have dozens. We develop a lot of concepts that suck before we develop one that solves a problem. Our solutions are like really good pizza, you won’t send it back to the kitchen.

No design revisions from clients? You’ve lost your mind.

These WTF reactions are pretty understandable and we couldn’t be more sensitive to the topic. It’s not that we can’t offer different solutions or changes to projects, we are just against design revisions that don’t serve the greater goals of the project as a whole. That’s pretty agreeable right?

We do encourage ideas based on the customer’s experience rather than the client or our own personal tastes. Results-driven design can never be a reflection of ourselves. Trust us, we’ve tried and we were our own worst client. In response we built a unique creative process that focuses on the consumer and happens to be pretty fun for clients too.

Are we cool yet?

We don’t walk away after the job has launched. We check in, we review, we nurture and we challenge.

A lightbulb moment for your brand.



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