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What’s The Deal With E-commerce?

E-commerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information on the internet. The process itself is actually reasonably simple, especially if one already has a product or service in mind. What can seem confusing in the beginning can turn into a seamless operation, which pays for itself, and helps grow your business.

What are some important things to know when investigating the potential of adding an online store? For starters, a few include:

? Every business can sell products online.

You might think your business doesn’t need an online store, but the reality is that all businesses in every industries can create revenue streams from e-commerce. Your business no matter the size or industry can benefit from the sales of t-shirts, stickers, gift cards or unique ideas like branded glassware for example. Creative online products allow you to increase revenue and marketing avenues through an investment that quickly pays for itself.

? What you can sell.

Wait no, rather that statement should read, what can’t you sell. The possibilities of what you can sell or offer to customers is endless. A few of them include: digital goods, physical goods, memberships or subscriptions, gift cards, and services, of all types. We recommend not selling anything illegal!

? The cost to sell online?

From the design side the price depends on how advanced your online store is and what exactly you are looking for. The fees of actually running the store itself are pretty minimal. Some of the typical fees include:

○ One time merchant and gateways set up fees (varies depending on provider, not often more than $100 1 time).

○ Monthly merchant and gateways fees (varies depending on provider, and can range from $0-$80 monthly).

○ SSL Certificate (secure connection certification, depends on host but averages around $80 annually).

○ Transaction fees (varies by provider, 2% to 4% per transaction and/or up to $.30 per transaction).

? What you need to set up shop online.

○ Product or service to sell.

○ Webpage for the online store with an e-commerce plugin.

○ Gateway and merchant provider.

? Positives of having my own online store

○ A online store is highly customizable and allows even the most specialized of products to be sold.

○ You can avoid the market saturation of businesses that sell on popular online stores (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.) Simply put, you’re competing on the same platform as thousands of people (or more!) both locally, nationally, and internationally.

○ You have the ability to brand yourself freely and be distinguished from competitors with your own website and online store.

○ An online store on your website allows you to perfect and control your marketing and conversion efforts. You’re further enabled to push customers to certain areas of your site and and push products/services smarter and faster.

○ The SEO for a profile on Etsy or other sales platform is singular (the SEO can grow for that page, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll boost the SEO for your businesses’ websitesite). A website with an online store offers you better visibility on the internet overall. It builds stronger relevancy due to the information being consolidated in one place. You’re not limited on the amount of your content you can host with your own website.

○ With a website and online store you’re allowed to grow your inventory in unique categories.

○ A website with an online store allows you to set your own policies. If a certain policy is not good for your business, you can do something to change that. I.e. no returns, no money back, warranties, and quality guarantees can all be adjusted to fit your business model.

○ You’re only relying on yourself to curate your sales and store, not someone else.

? Challenges of having an online store.

○ Having a website with an online store will be more time consuming than buying an add on eBay or selling on Etsy.

○ There is more upfront work involved with getting it going, and maintenance/growth strategies depend on your decisions.

○ Extra effort has to be made to connect with shoppers. Larger platforms have established user bases and this is something you’ll need to work for.

? Where do you start?

CONTACT US and we can break it down even further and help you get your online shop and marketing program set up today.

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