How do you view your website?

Let’s start off by asking a few simple questions.

  • Do you view it as an investment?
  • Do you view it as a personal project?
  • If you think of your website as a personal project you can redesign it whenever you feel like it. The choice is your’s.

It’s a whole different ball game If you think of your website as not only an extension of your business but as an actual part of your business. Hopefully you are in this camp and thankfully for you there are some tried and true questions to help you determine if you are in need of a redesign.

Does your website function well?

Review your website and test as many things as possible to make sure everything works.

  • Make sure your contact form send emails, sometimes this can break without you ever knowing.
  • Does every link actually go somewhere?
  • Do all the fonts styles look correct on all browsers?
  • Are there any broken images or missing images?
  • Does content look different than you remember?

Again this is probably pretty obvious to most people. For those of you who are new to viewing your website as part of your business then this might not be such a silly question after all.

Is Your Site Mobile Responsive?

Do you know the facts on mobile web design?

  • A study conducted by Google found that 70% of people searching for something local do so using a mobile device.
  • More globally, it has recently been shown that 51% of of all internet searches are done on a mobile device.

Simply put, mobile responsiveness is huge. Like we mean it…responsiveness is super important.

We all have been on sites that aren’t made to be viewed on mobile devices and it is just flat out cumbersome and annoying. Given the relatively short attention span of the average human being, you want to make sure your site looks great on devices of any size.

Is your SEO out of date?

If you have made it this far then you have a website that works and a site that is mobile responsive. That is all fine and well but how are people going to actually find you on the web?

  • Take some time and actually Google your business. Are you the first result?
  • Is your site up to date with current Google algorithm’s?

You may have had your web designer help you with SEO 3 years ago, but how is that serving you today? If you are using SEO practices that are that old then your website is essentially still living 3 years in the past. Because Google updates their search algorithm’s on an almost constant basis, tactics that worked well a few years ago may be downright ineffective today.

Not familiar with SEO? Check our post “What’s The Deal With SEO?

Do You Just Want Something New & Fresh?

Sometimes it is nice to just get a fresh start.

Because a website is a visual medium, it stands to reason that like all visual mediums they have their ebbs and flows. In other words, they have their trends. We are not saying that you should blindly follow the trends, but if your site just looks outdated it might be time for a redesign. It usually is the case that if you have met the above criteria you have the visual side of things covered but that is not necessarily the case. In fact, as a web design agency, we see this kind of thing all the time.

What’s next?

If your website isn’t broken then you have to ask yourself about the various things we just covered.It is often said in the industry that you need to redesign your website every two to three years.

This is flat out wrong!

This isn’t wrong because of the time frame given but rather that it fundamentally misunderstands what websites are, how they work, and what they are for.

In the end, it all comes back to your business, your bottom line, and generating exposure. You should in constant contact with a qualified web designer who works with you to ensure that your website is well prepared for the future.Don’t wait every two or three years to check up on how things are going. Ideally you should be checking on an a monthly basis. Keeping tabs on where your website is currently positioned will pay dividends in the end.

To put it simply, play the long game and invest in your website as you would in any other aspect of your business.

“Dont know what any of this means? No problem! contact us and we can provide a free website consultation. If you don’t contact us thanks for reading anyways”

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