5 Apps Every Small Business Needs

America was built on the back of small businesses. When Paul Revere went for his famous ride he didn’t stop at the local Walmart or Target. He didn’t sip a Pepsi or Coke as he rode into the night. What we know today as commerce would largely be foreign to those people.

Fast forward some 230 years and America still finds itself economically indebted to small businesses.

According to the most recent statistics from the United States Census Bureau, more than 62% of all businesses have less than 4 employees. Interestingly enough, those very same businesses account for only 0.4% of the estimated total sales in this nation. This means that big business is now even bigger than ever.

As a small business you have to compete with those multinational conglomerates and they are using the latest technologies to further spread their economic dominance. Just because you don’t have your own I.T. team to keep you up to date doesn’t mean you have to fall behind the times. Thankfully for us, some of those very same multinational companies provided us with tools that we can use called cell phones that streamline many business operations. They also invented these nifty little programs called applications, or apps for short, that are quite helpful as well. With nearly 4 million apps on today’s market it can be quite hard to know where to begin. So let’s dive in and take a look at 5 apps every small business needs.

Expensify – Keep Track Of Expenses

While we do live in a fairly technologically advanced world, at the end of the day, paper receipts are still king. Often times your best bet is to stick whatever receipt you get straight into a folder never letting it see the light of day again until the tax man comes around. Paper receipts are just a mess.

For example, the paper and ink that is used on the average receipt is quite cheap. Speaking from experience, we’ve seen receipts become illegible after only a few months. Expensify can help you with keeping track of receipts and expenses by:

  • Scanning your receipt using your camera phone
  • Import your bank account info to manage all expenses
  • Email expense reports

Wunderlist – Keep Track of Everything

As a small business, your days can just be downright hectic. You probably play the role of CEO, team lead, and janitor all in the one day everyday. That’s where Wunderlist comes in.

Wunderlist is a great app that lets you:

  • Create lists of tasks that can be viewed or edited on any device
  • Set reminders about anything you can imagine
  • Collaborate more easily by assigning tasks with due dates
  • Communicate more effectively by housing all communication between employees in one place

Google Drive – Write, Save, Store Everything

Many small business are still what one might call pen and paper businesses. Meaning, that their business is operated using primarily pen and paper. While business has been conducted this way for thousands of years, this method isn’t entirely that trustworthy or safe. It can get ripped up, stained, stolen, or just misplaced somewhere. I’ve never once spilled coffee on my .doc or .pdf file have you? That is why Google Drive is such a boon. With Google Drive you can:

  • Create, share, and edit documents, spreadsheets, slides, you name it!
  • Store all of your important information on Google Drive
  • Sync your Drive to your computer where you can edit, view, or create documents offline
  • Plus it’s Super easy to use!

Square – Process Any Payment

Square is essentially your one stop point-of-sales app. It’s intended to be used with what Square calls a “Square Magstripe Reader.” The device is free and plugs into your phone or tablet’s audio jack allowing you to swipe debit or credit cards. You don’t have to use the device however as you can manually enter the card information. The main benefits of Square include:

  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Allows your customers the ability to tip
  • Sends receipts via text or email
  • Ability to track inventory

Couple – Stay Connected With Your Love One’s

This one’s for you workaholics out there.

Not everything is about your bottom line. You have a life too and it’s important for you and your business to stay happy and healthy. Which is why the app Couple is so great. Couple is essentially a complete communication system intended to be used solely for you and your partner. It features:

  • Personal and private messaging separate from text’s and emails
  • Calendar solely dedicated to your significant other
  • Ability to make (and complete!) to-do lists
  • Communicate your local using GPS

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