8 Inventions That Might or Might Not Make Raking Leaves Easier

Let’s admit it… Raking leaves is never really fun. Even if you like to shed your professional design for a moment, embrace your inner child, and dive into those leaves… Getting to that point isn’t always enjoyable. Though many have mastered the art of leaf raking and bagging with their own supplies… you’d be hard pressed to find someone who is not open to making this task easier (especially if it can be purchased through an online store with low cost shipping ?).

There happen to be a few tools out there that attempt to solve the leaf raking problem. Weather they are essential tools for efficiency or late-night home-shopping-network material is for you to decide…


Ace Hardware No Clog Leaf Rake

True Temper® 24in Clog Free Leaf Rake

True Temper® 24in Clog Free Leaf Rake

Looks like someone had rake technology innovation on the mind! This one is actually available at a lot of local Ace Hardware stores and presents an affordable way to upgrade your rake.
Check out their website and buy it HERE.


The Leaf Lugger

“This patented product facilitates rapid transport of leaves and lawn debris from the yard to the curb or compost heap. The most efficient method of leaf disposal involves getting them to the curb for pickup without the wasted time, effort and expense of putting them into bags.”
Check out their website and buy it HERE.


The Leaf Claws

“This specially-designed tool takes the tension off your back and joints. The oversized rake head allows you to pick up more leaves than you ever could by hand!”
Check out their website and buy it HERE.


The Leaf Mate- Yard Waste Bag Funnel

LeafMate's Patent-Pending Yard Waste Bag Funnel

LeafMate’s Patent-Pending Yard Waste Bag Funnel

“Our unique pop-up bag funnel slides easily into standard 30-gallon paper yard bags, ensuring the bag stays open and stable for disposing of leaves and other yard waste.”
Check out their website and buy it HERE.


The Wonder Scooper

“The Wonder Scooper® solves this problem by making it easy to scoop anything into a plastic bag quickly and without bending. It bags, bundles, scoops, and even shovels!” Note: It doesn’t look like this one ended up flying off the shelves.
Check Out It’s Legacy Here.



“The HEFT™ is the fastest and easiest attaching ergonomic auxiliary handle for long shaft tools. It works with almost any long shaft tool – shovels, rakes, brooms and more! It makes tools more ergonomic, reduces pain, fatigue and potential injury, attaches in less than one second and requires no tools for installation.” Note: Unfortunately, this is only available locally in Canada. Vacation time?
Check Out Their Website Here.



“The ROBOHANDLE® line of products are designed with one simple scientific concept: The greater the distance of force arm, the more torque produced by the force. The ROBOHANDLE® has been engineered to provide an increased torque so that you can easily move relatively large objects.”
Check out their website and buy it HERE.



The Shake

The Shake

“With the Shake, you can rake as fast as you can walk. That’s because we’ve changed the way you rake with our patented wedge shaped design. This design acts like a comb, lifting the leaves from the grass so you can push them into a pile. ”
Check out their website and buy it HERE.


Do any of these inventions actually make your life easier? Well they all claim to do so but in the end it is you, the consumer, who decides that. They all seem to be great ideas in theory but it is often in the execution of how these products are sold that determine their fate.

The status of their ecommerce and website design may or not be a symbol of their success, but two things is for sure: One, the easier a person makes it for people to buy their product the better chance they have of selling it. Two, the level at which it functions will ultimately determine if the product can survive in a competitive marketplace. Either way, it’s always fun and interesting to see what ideas people can come up with! Cheers to hard work and innovation!


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